17-Mile Drive i Kalifornien

Dagens inlägg blir ett YouTube-klipp från Carmel-by-the-sea och 17-Mile Drive i Kalifornien. I september bär det iväg på dessa vackra vyer för mig och min grupp som ska åka med Albatros Travel - härligt :-)!

Note-to-myself: Enda toastoppsmöjligheten längs 17 Mile Drive är vid Bird Rock.

Den tipset kommer från About.com och finns här, liksom bilden av Betsy Malloy nedan:

17-Mile Drive

It's pretty obvious which rock along the coast is "bird rock" because of all the white stuff they deposit on it. On a typical day, you'll see Brandt's cormorants, pelicans and California sea lions sharing the rock - and a harbor seal or two hanging out near the water line. We also saw a sea otter floating in the kelp bed - and a sea lion having a noisy territorial dispute with a cormorant.

In case you wonder why the cormorants sit in such awkward-looking positions, there's an easy explanation. Unlike other sea birds that have waterproof feathers, the cormorant has to dry out between dives, stretching its wings in odd-looking directions to catch the sun.

The only restroom along the 17-Mile Drive is at Bird Rock.

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