In a RIB/Zodiac on the way to Gustavia on St Barts

Here is a greeting from Gustavia on St Barts in the Caribbean. This is me and Agus, the Purser at Clipper Adventurer. Here you'll find some info about the boat.

Since ships like ours aren't allowed to anchor in the harbour we're going ahsore with zodiacs/RIBs. He is going with the important papers to clear the ship and I am on my way to do some necessary paper works and bank issues. After this our guests had a day and a half to spend at St Barts.

This is a picture of Gustavia (and a Swedish link), the capital on St Barts. My colleague Christhina and I was on a tour around the island and I took some pictures during the tour.

Our nice little ship is the one to the left. It was our home for a few nights and days. The ship more to the right is a private yacht.

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