Turistbyråer på de olika karibiska öarna

Caribbean Tourist Boards and Hotel Associations

List of Travel Information Sites for Every Caribbean Island
By Robert Curley, About.com Guide
Just about every Caribbean island has a tourist board, and most of these have websites that provide travelers with information on the destination and its attractions, dining, hotels, culture, calendar, and more. Many of the larger islands also have hotel associations that also can provide good information for planning your Caribbean trip.

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•Anguilla: Anguilla Tourist Board  /  Anguilla Hotel & Tourism Association

•Antigua & Barbuda: Antigua and Barbuda Ministry of Tourism  /  Antigua Hotels & Tourist Association

•Aruba: Aruba Tourism Authority  /  Aruba Hotel and Tourism Association

•Bahamas: Bahamas Ministry of Tourism  /  Bahamas Hotel Association

•Barbados: Barbados Tourism Encyclopedia   /   Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association

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Advice for Travelers

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•Belize: Travel Belize  /  Belize Hotel Association

•Bermuda: Bermuda Department of Tourism  /  Bermuda Hotel Association

•Bonaire: Tourism Bonaire  /  Bonaire Hotel and Tourism Association

•Cancun, Mexico: Cancun Convention and Visitor's Bureau  /  Cancun Hotel Association

•British Virgin Islands: BVI Tourist Board

•Cayman Islands: Cayman Tourist Board

•Colombia: Colombia Tourism Promotion Board

•Cozumel, Mexico: Tourist Board

•Costa Rica: Costa Rica Tourist Board  /  Costa Rica Hotels and Resorts Association

•Cuba: Cuba Tourist Board

•Curacao: Curacao Tourist Board  /  Curacao Hospitality and Tourism Association

•Dominica: Discover Dominica Authority

•Dominican Republic:Dominican Republic Ministry of Tourism

•Grenada: Grenada Board of Tourism  /  Grenada Hotel and Tourism Association

•Guadeloupe: Guadeloupe Islands Tourist Board

•Guatemala: Guatemalan Tourism Commission

•Guyana: Guyana Tourism Authority

•Haiti: Tourism Board

•Honduras: Honduras Tourism Institute

•Jamaica: Jamaica Tourist Board  /  Jamaica Hotel and Tourist Association

•Martinique: Martinique Promotion Bureau

•Montserrat: Visit Montserrat

•Nevis: Nevis Tourism Authority

•Panama: Panama Tourist Bureau

•Puerto Rico: Puerto Rico Tourism Company  /  Puerto Rico Hotel and Tourism Association

•Saba: Saba Tourist Bureau

•St. Barths: St. Barths Online (unofficial site)

•St. Eustatia (Statia): St. Eustatius Tourism Development Foundation

•St. Kitts:St. Kitts Tourism Authority

•St. Lucia: St. Lucia Tourist Board  /  St. Lucia Hotel and Tourism Association

•St. Maarten: St. Maarten Hospitality and Trade Association

•St. Martin: St. Martin Tourist Board

•St. Vincent & The Grenedines: St. Vincent and the Grenadines Ministry of Tourism and Culture  / 
St. Vincent and the Grenadines Hotel Association

•Suriname: Suriname Tourism Foundation

•Trinidad & Tobago: Go Trinidad and Tobago  /  Trinidad and Tobago Hotels, Restaurants and Tourism Association

•Turks & Caicos: Turks and Caicos Tourist Board  /  Turks and Caicos Hotel and Tourism Association

•U.S. Virgin Islands: U.S.V.I Department of Tourism  /  U.S.V.I. Hotel and Tourism Association

•Venezuela: Venezuela Convention and Tourism Bureau