CNN Go utser världens mest avskydda flygplats

CNN Go gör som bäst en undersökning på Facebook, över världens mest avskydda flygplatser...och föga förvånande så hamnar ju Charles de Gaulle i Paris på en klar första plats!

Så här står det:

1. Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Paris, France "A great country worthy of the name,” President Charles de Gaulle once opined, “does not have any friends.”

True or not, it’s this sort of attitude that has helped CDG become the most maligned major airport on earth. What’s fueling it? Grimy washrooms with missing toilet seats don’t help.

Nor do broken scanning machines and an overall lack of signage, gate information screens and Paris-worthy bars, restaurants or cafés. The baffling circular layout is worsened by warrens of tunnel-like structures, dismissive staff and seething travelers waiting forever in the wrong queue.

The worst part may be this airport’s aura of indifference to it all. “Waiting for a connection here,” notes one commuter, “is like being in custody.” If you’re actually staying in Paris, you may be okay. If you have the gall to just be passing through between Malaga and Montreal, you can cut the spite of this place with a cheese knife.